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Windows Demo 0.07
Mac Demo 0.07
Linux 32/64-bit Dedicated Server 0.07

Windows Demo 0.06
Linux 64-bit Demo 0.06
Linux 32/64-bit Dedicated Server 0.06


Sub Rosa is a multiplayer FPS about tense deals, double-crosses and car chases.

Originally made for the 7 Day FPS game jam.
Sub Rosa was inspired by videos and descriptions of a ShackTac OpFlash/ArmA mission called Dark Business.


Fan site with tips and strategies: Sub Rosa Gaming thanks fans!
And for Russians: Russian Fan Site

Items (cash, disk) need to be put in the safe room in the base, once all items are in safes the round ends.
Teams have randomly assigned roles, and sometimes two teams will have money to buy the disk.
Cash is worth $250 per block, if you lose it you lose that money. Disk value is in the mission briefing.
Mission types:
Acquisition: All teams try to intercept an AI controlled car and take the disk.
Transaction: Two teams try to broker a deal while the other team attempts to kill them.

Tips for new players


F1 to toggle help
WASD move
Press Tab to toggle map
Press E to enter/exit cars IMPORTANT: if you have an item equipped in the car you won't be able to drive
Press Tilde (the squiggly thing next to 1) to drop the item you have equipped.
Left-click to pick up items, shoot while a gun is equipped, or open/close the briefcase.
Press 1,2,3, or 4 to place the item you're holding in your inventory, press again to equip that item. If you have an open briefcase equipped 1-4 will place the inventory item in the briefcase or remove an item from the briefcase.
Press T to talk with your own team
Press Y to talk with team 1 or 2
Press U to talk with team 2 or 3
Hold Space while driving for E-brake
Press Space when you're dead to switch the player you're observing
Open UDP port 27584 if you want to host a server
Press F5 on the server to restart the game

How the voice chat works:
In the voice options menu you can configure to broadcast voice when over a minimum level or use push to talk (hold a key while talking to broadcast)
Cell phones:
Press Number pad 1-3 to call another team in dialing mode, Press Number pad 0 to answer/hang up. Left-click to toggle talking and dialing (voice is only transmitted when in talking mode)
Yeah I know it sucks.

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