Download: C Version 0.52


C:Medieval is a 100 player online arcade game. Up to 4 players can play on one PC whether it is a server or client.


The other team killed your wife.


Arrow keys: Move
Space: Attack
Shift: Strafe
Gamepad works best, use the Options menu to configure


Press 1 or 2 on the keyboard to switch teams, new team color is the bar on the top.
Your gold is displayed in the top right.
Press left or right to choose, and attack to select. If an item is red you need a higher title to buy it.

First row is your title
Second row is your warrior's size
Third row is your armor
Fourth row is your weapon
Fifth row is your shield


If you die you lose all your gold and titles, so try to avoid it (see Retreat)


You can buy a new title at the beginning of the round, the number of titles is limited for each team, there can be only one King, two Dukes, four Earls and so forth. Owning a better title will give you a bigger share of the spoils, as well as access to more weapons and armor.


When a player crosses the white line they surrender, they keep their title but lose 25% of their gold if their team loses.

Dedicated Server

To run a dedicated server use the "-dedicated" command line option.